• hotpants romance It's a Heatwave (CD, £4.75)

    label: big print

    Three girls! Three chords! Hotpants Romance (Laura, Lowri and Kate) debut album "It's A Heatwave" is a real groovy, girlie, grungy gem. Imagine a trio of daughters spawned by the Wiggin sisters after a drunken dalliance with the Ramone brothers. Twelve raw'n'rocking tunes make up this seventeen minute album from Manchester's funniest and spunkiest girls. Best of all, not only do they sound fantastic but the ladies eagerly live up to their name and insist on wearing hotpants onstage. "Felt like I was watching the Slits in '76 playing a set of Phil Spector numbers" - Night and Day. "An impressively infantile insolence and a delightful scattershot, sugar-hit sound. The guitar buzzes. The drums pound relentlessly. The singers shriek and squeal with undimmed gusto... This band remind us what "indie" really means" - Sunday Times.

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