• found Some Fracas of a Sissy E.P. (grey vinyl 7", £3.75)

    label: Aufgeladen und Bereit

    This EP is a co production with Fence Records of Scotland who have also released Found's majestic second album This Mess We Keep Reshaping. Found approach music from a background of art, sculpture, paint and print. They exhort the listener that “if you can hear it, use it”. Found will have you nodding your head, swaying your shoulders and tapping your feet in grinning agreement. The band follow an almost Kraftwerk-ian method of recording, where songs are treated like scientific art experiments. They specialise in pulling sound from their everyday surroundings, cutting`n`pasting them into songs but never forgetting the pop appeal. The three featured songs on the EP are another step into modern pop music. Some Fracas Of A Sissy is taken from their new album, while Alsation Gull Scene and He Never Came Back are only available on this release.

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