• spring tides Hostile Takeover (12", £4.75)

    label: Blank Tapes

    BLANK TAPES continues developing its interests in a new kind of sound - Unreal Word Music - with the debut release by new signings Spring Tides. Featuring Ghanaian Afla Cey on vocals, lead track ’Burnt Out Moons’ reverberates around a juju via Danceteria skank. ’Happy Sighs’ is an electrical rush of instrumental, Krautrock-esque hooks. On the flip, ’No More Mornings’ has been retooled by Hot Chip and, unsurprisingly, sounds like a lost folk song from the future. Closing instrumental ’Fuck The Situationists, Fuck The Wildlife’, despite its title, is a benign reflection, a straight-to-tape head nodder. Tracklisting: A1, Burnt Out Moons. A2, Happy Sighs. B1, No More Mornings (HOT CHIP REMIX). B2, Fuck The Situationists, Fuck The Wildlife.

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