• jay denham The Truth (double LP, £10.50)

    label: Disko B

    Our man from Kalamazoo, a small city located right between the epicentres of House and Techno, Chicago and Detroit, is back with his third album for Disko B. Denham is once again pushing his music - black futuristic techno-house - one step further into another funky techno-soul direction. On his last album Denham used vocals to explore new territories - on "The Truth" they have become an integral part of his music , the album shows Jay’s musical diversity, not the same banging techno he is known for. This album has elements of house, electro, and some funky techno. Tracklisting 01 The Truth (Written & co-produced with Anthony (Shake) Shakir 02 Come On 03 Sweet Jesus 04 The Long Way 05 Heaven Only Knows 06 Germs 07 The World is A Ghetto (Special appearance by Robert Q. Ingram of Inspiration Network, Munich) 08 Electro Static 09 Whispers

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