• bird by snow Antlers and the Sun (red vinyl LP, £10.25)

    label: Gnome Life

    42 minutes of deciduous songs by Bird By Snow, featuring special guest members of Effi Briest, Whysp, Spencer Doran (Cloaks) and Residual Echoes... just to name a few. Limited to only 300, on transparent red vinyl, the covers feature a 2-colour silk-screened cover... hand printed by Bird By Snow himself. Recorded at home on 4-track cassette tape. 1. Exhaling Lungs 2. Great Glower And Gloam 3. Sea Lion 4. Fat New Born Baby 5. I Will Age 1,000 Years And Not Improve 6. Please Favor Me World 7. Darker Skin 8. Antlers And The Sun

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