• bird by snow Sky (blue vinyl LP + CD, £10.95)

    label: Gnome Life

    To you, children of the Zeitgeist, we give “Sky,” offered in the same generous spirit as this bountiful world itself. Ten songs of reggae-infused, psychedelic folk music. Existentialism you can dance to! Open-hearted sound-fields, vast and coloured with tiny bluegrass orchestras, authentic dub banjo, black cloud backbeats and (if you can believe it) California Soukous guitar! Open eyes wide and take in “Sky,” bird by snow’s outrageously lush follow-up LP. Cloudy or clear, day or night, let us be absorbed in the one-always-giving moment and know the sky not as vacuous hole, but as container (whole). Limited to 300, on beautiful tranparent-blue vinyl. Hand silk-screened gold covers, with a lovely hand-made booklet too. Recorded at home on 8-track cassette tape, mastered by George Horn, who mastered "Zuma" by Neil Young and Crazy Horse}.

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