• spencer owen Logic (pink vinyl LP + CD, £10.95)

    label: Gnome Life

    Once upon a time Prince, R. Stevie Moore and Augustus Pablo all touched toenails; after a combined pregnancy of 23 years they gave birth to a fully formed “voodoo baby” named Spencer Owen. Owen is the insanely prolific, home-taping, rhythmystical master of voice and melodica…with 12 previous albums spreading their seed across innumerable styles of music, “Logic” is the first magic-child of a new (but long overdue) genre: Lo-fi R&B. This pink disc holds heartrending slow jams with just enough reggae, just enough soul, just enough R. Kelly, just enough tape hiss, just enough timeless beauty, to form a new school in expression without inhibition. Can you get to that?. Limited to 300, on beautiful pink vinyl, gold labels and handmade vellum sleeves! [this album contains 9 original songs, no actual "remixes," do not be fooled by the titles] 1. It work 2. Deserve you more 3. Water 4. To you, my 5. Desired Feeling 6. Counted out 7. It work RMX 8. Sure thing 9. Counted out RMX.

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