• crow tongue Ghost Eye Seeker (CD, £6.50)

    label: Hand/Eye

    Crow Tongue's first full length finds them summoning distant howls from the fog of night. Fingerpicked strings and Eastern instruments recall Crow Tongue's musical heritage (the acid-folk of Stone Breath), but here they are layered with primitive homemade instruments, circuit-bent electronics and mantric drones. "Ghost Eye Gaze" opens the album: a 5-part drone-raga, improvised to back a shamanic chant, pushing from free-folk to free-noise and back again. "Seeker" follows in 2 parts with bass dulcimer and tablas leading into an electric swarmandal excursion. The album closes with "Candle, Corpse and Bell" where Crow Tongue shows their dub influence with guimbri and tabla-machine slowly spinning through the echochamber.

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