• martina topley-bird The Blue God (CD, £11.95)

    label: Independiente

    This album is produced by one of modern pop’s most visionary thinkers Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley, ‘The Grey Album’). As one of the most fascinating female artists in modern music today, Martina is also one of British pop’s great mavericks, and holds a lengthy back catalogue of musical collaborations with, for example, Tricky, Diplo, David Holmes, Gorillaz, Mark Lanegan, Primus and The John Spencer Blues Explosion. ‘The Blue God’, recorded in LA over a three month period in 2007, sees Martina take the fabulous contradictions of her past and wrap them in live instruments and luxurious production, resulting in a unique musical environment which fuses Hollywood glitz, psychedelic-pop riffs, ambient interludes, light and shade and her trademark futuristic pop noir. ‘The Blue God’ is dowsed in natural style and beautiful lyrics: from the reflective and bittersweet debut single ‘Carnies’, to the sweeping soulful harmonies of ‘Baby Blue’, Martina turns an experienced hand to today’s current climate of female pop. Elsewhere, ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Razor Tongue’ (featuring bass by Money Mark) are further reminders Martina has lost none of her freewheeling vocal dexterity. Martina first cast strange and exhilarating shadows over contemporary music on Tricky’s classic, epoch-defining album ‘Maxinquaye’ in 1995. Danger Mouse and Martina first became friends in 2004, while he was in London recording the Gorillaz album, and he’s wanted to work with her ever since.

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