• jex thoth Jex Thoth (CD, £10.95)

    label: I Hate Records

    An ominously beautiful, sonic odyssey through archipelagos of psychedelia, occultism and alchemy with siren Jex at the helm. Jex Thoth stand effortlessly clear of the mere 60’s/70’s retro tag but will nevertheless shock and shake fans of Black Widow, Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, Budgie, Pentagram and Amon Düül 2. Alchemical Doom is imminent! The Doom/Psych underground’s best kept secret is about to enter the consciousness of a wider audience with her self titled debut album - no one with the slightest interest in Doom and/or Heavy Rock will escape high priestess Jex Thoth’s spell! Surrounded by courtiers well versed in all kinds of extreme and mind expanding music (each member of the band is involved in various musical endeavours such as WOODEN WAND, ZODIACS, HINTERGEDANKEN and BURIAL HEX among others) she has created something unique, a beauty that will deeply affect aficionados of folk, prog and kraut as well as Doom, Heavy and even Black metal!

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