• incredible vickers brothers Gallimaufry (CD, £7.95)

    label: bus stop

    Hailing from the wooded coastal community of Felton, California, The Incredible Vickers Brothers have crafted a kind of music as familiar as the seasons and as unpredictable as the weather. Having honed their skills in apprenticeships with legendary California bands Cerebral Corps and The Orange Peels, brothers Rob and Bob Vickers decided the time was right to strike out on their own. Setting up camp with producer ALLEN CLAPP at Sunnyvale, California’s Mystery Lawn studio, they began concocting a unique stew of ’60s-inspired Brit-rock, Americana and ’80s pop with a dash of 1920s Vaudeville lunacy thrown in for good measure: a “Gallimaufry.” Modest to a fault, The Incredible Vickers Brothers want nothing less than to take their place among the great brother acts of history! Influenced by the zany surrealism of the brothers Marx plus the yin-yang/love-hate relationships of Phil & Don Everly and Ray & Dave Davies, the Vickers Bros. aim to mix a myriad of ingredients, musical and otherwise, into the forever boiling pot of rock music.

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