• syclops I've Got My Eye On You (double LP, £18.95)

    label: Death from Abroad

    This is the debut full-length album from Syclops, featuring Sven Kortehisto on keyboards and electronics, Hanna Sarkari on bass, keyboards and electronics, and Jukka Kantonen on drums, percussion and drum programming. This album was produced by Maurice Fulton. Little is known about the secretive trio. It is believed that Kortehisto, Sarkari and Kantonen aren't all Finnish, but repeated attempts to gather any kind of a credible biography for the players has been unsuccessful; they simply refuse to do interviews or reveal anything about themselves. Do they see this as rebellious? No. Do they want to be mysterious? No. Do they think this helps the music? Yes. The members like to perform live together, but only for themselves and not for audiences. The act of making music is enough for them. They want the listener to experience and enjoy it unencumbered by other things like biographical information, stories and the like. Despite the mystery, I've Got My Eye On You is an engaging record that reveals the full shamanic magic of the trio - a mixture of dark intensity and subtle, crafted musicianship. Soaking in the band's brooding undercurrent, the listener will now have to imagine what kind of people they are and where they find their inspiration - heavy metal riffs over acid house? Playing folkloric instruments with old school analogue synthesizers in a Finnish laboratory? Only the band themselves know for certain.

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