• my morning jacket At Dawn (double LP, £34.50)

    label: darla

    Their beloved second record (2001) + download coupon in matte gatefold sleeve limited to 1000. “At Dawn has an ineffable magic to it from start to finish, one that leads me to scour my brain for words that could describe something that sounds so special. Anytime a pop or rock song can give you chills, that’s something. When a whole album can do it that’s something else entirely.” –POPMATTERS. TRACK LISTING: 1. At Dawn 2. Lowdown 3. The Way That He Sings 4. Death Is My Sleazy Pay 5. Hopefully 6. Bermuda Highway 7. Honest Man 8. X-mas Curtain 9. Just Because I Do 10. If It Smashes Down 11. I Needed It Most 12. Phone Went West 13. Strangulation 14. Bonus track.

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