• marc almond & michael cashmore Gabriel & The Lunatic Lover (digipak 2-track CD, £5.10)

    label: Durtro Jnana

    Gabriel And The Lunatic Lover is the first release from a collaboration between Marc Almond and Michael Cashmore. This EP sets to music two poems by the 19th-century gay writer Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock. The two poems are taken from two of Stenbock’s fantastically rare volumes of poetry, Myrtle, Rue And Cypress And The Shadow Of Death, both republished in Current 93’s David Tibet’s Durtro Press volume The Collected Poems Of Count Stenbock. This is one of the most haunting and exquisite releases yet from Marc and Michael, and is presented in a package that fits the beautiful melancholy of the music, the vocals and the spirit of Count Stenbock himself, a beautiful full-colour digipak, containing previously unpublished paintings of Marc by Russian artist Vania Soutavliov, a rare photograph of the enigmatic Count, as well as the complete texts to the poems and all credits.

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