• magnetophone Wires and Traps (mini-CD, £7.50)

    label: First Fold Records

    Magnetophone are Birmingham natives Matt Huish Saunders and John Hanson. Friends since childhood, as boys they would often be found under water, weighed down by bricks and playing Stylophones. Displaying a gift for linguistic manipulation which has continued to sustain their career, they named this ritual the "Alpha Beti Bon-Tempi Underwater Electro-Hydro Sound-Fusion". The 'Wires and Traps' EP is carefully structured, each track featuring a different acoustic instrument as a musical base. Created as melancholic Steve Reich inspired arpeggios, the songs then build up with ever changing vocal phases, swirling synthetic sounds and expanding melodies that culminate in the finely crafted electronica we have come to expect from Magnetophone.

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