• papa november Book One - Azmaveth (CD, £7.50)

    label: First Fold Records

    The name Papa November comes from a now inactive short-wave radio station that features the voice of a girl repeating the words papa november between blasts of discordant noise; equally, blasts of short-wave noise, radio crackle and radio drones permeate Papa Novemberís music. Papa November, as a musical project, was started in 1997 by Stuart Tonge, who was inspired by a desire to create his own language in sound. Stuart set to work, enlisting the efforts of Katy Acquaye who wrote the lyrics, sang and co-produced most of their releases between 2001 and 2006. Papa November currently concerns itself with creating soundtracks to imaginary dystopias. Their album debut for First Fold is inspired by the apocryphal Book of Azmaveth. The story is divided into twelve parts over six chapters. In response Papa November created twelve instrumental pieces to complement the structure of the book. The music serves as a kind of dark soundtrack to the long forgotten dystopian world that Azmaveth inhabits.

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