• spunkle Autumn Tapes (CD, £7.50)

    label: First Fold Records

    Jim Davis has been performing as Spunkle since 1997, when he was offered a one-off record contract by Oxford based independent label Shifty Disco. They had heard a tape he had sent them of his attempt at making music from just one old Amiga computer; they liked it enough to release it as part of their acclaimed singles club. Jim Davis is a prolific manipulator of sound and his aesthetic belongs to the ‘using technology to make it do things it was not designed to do in school’. Over the years Jim Davis has created a huge catalogue of music. Autumn Tapes is a collection of songs created over a number of years during the autumn months. For some reason - perhaps post-summer melancholy - the autumn months have become particularly significant creative periods for Spunkle. Autumn Tapes show Spunkle at his most playful and experimental, mixing harsh beats, acid squiggles and field recordings with passages of a more melodic and subtle nature. Spunkle: as always challenging, melancholic and in a strange way endearing.

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