• lightning daze Caught In a Frame (7-track CD, £4.95)

    label: Engineer Records

    The will of believing in something unique gave birth to the DIY project named Lightning Daze. With the same line-up since their high school period (2001) they have self-released 3 eps, toured with great bands like Vanilla Sky, Dufresne, Portugal the Man, A Traitor Like Judas and others. The four members, coming from different directions, contrast their creativity and reach a point of contact in their own sound. Life and music experiences led Lightning Daze to reach something they're really proud of: the album Caught In a Frame. It represents seven tracks with varying degrees of passion and will pluck the deepest of heart-strings, mixing up the finest mid-90's emo-pop blends with killer new arrangements and rich melody. Recorded by Stefano "Timba" Silva at Hard Sound Studio in Lodi, Italy.

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