• bishi On My Own Again (CD EP, £3.75)

    label: Gryphon Records

    Bishi is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ. 'On My Own Again', one of the highlights of 2007's 'Nights At The Circus' album, has been re-recorded and reworked in Buenos Aires with an authentic tango orchestra and mixed into a fantastic pop anthem by producer Matthew Hardern. Flipside, 'Flash Company', is a setting of a traditional English gypsy song warning young girls of the dangers of promiscuous sex and STDs. The words have resonance and relevance for us all today. The club remix of the single by 'Dreamtrak' and an acoustic version from 'David Peters' make this single an exciting and multi textured release to reflect the different facets of Bishi's musical creativity. Known for being the face and DJ of the infamous Kashpoint Club, Bishi mixes traditional Asian instruments with English folk, electronic beats and lyrical melody, creating a unique soundworld that is pure British pop at heart.

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