• nic dalton Last Seen Near Trafalgar 87-89 (numbered digipak CD, £8.50)

    label: Half a Cow

    Following on from Nic's first collection of home recordings Romolo 86-88 and the Love Positions Billiepeebup album are seventeen never-heard-before songs firmly entrenched in Sydney of the late 80s when Nic was about 23-24 and playing in the Plunderers. Although solo, these are no droopy voice and guitar outings, but full 'band' takes and includes early versions of Plunderers songs such as 'Muffin' and 'Lena Lee'. Read all about the recording process and the songs in the double-sided A4 liner notes. Go the Tascam 244! 1. Anniversary Song 2. Numbered Days 3. Ring On Every Finger 4. Nowhere To Run 5. Two Towns 6. On Any Wednesday 7. Yo Yo Time Again 8. Dynamic Ribbon Device 9. She's Really Lying Now 10. 2000 Weeks 11. Muffin 12. See I See You As Mine 13. Is My Time Up? 14. I Can See You Falling 15. Lena Lee 16. Coming Attraction 17. Cool Of The Day

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