• future pilot a.k.a. / concerto caledonia Perform Daniel Johnston (red vinyl 7", £3.75)

    label: Aufgeladen und Bereit

    FUTURE PILOT AKA perform Daniel Johnston`s DEVIL TOWN CONCERTO. CALEDONIA perform his WALKING THE COW & Buzzcocks' BOREDOM. “Respect is due to the soulful vision and artistry of Daniel Johnston and it is with the greatest of respect that I offer the fruits of our sonic experiments which I recently unearthed, by chance finding the original tapes in my garage and mastering a cassette mix straight to vinyl no chaser. Thank you Douglas for passing on the song in the old fashioned folk tradition and for unknowingly inspiring this release. Thank you also to master Anurudh Shivkumar Dade for visualizing the music through your artwork. And who better to share this split 7" than with Scottish early music punks Concerto Caledonia.” - Sushil K. Dade.

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