• brazzaville 21st Century Girl (CD, £9.95)

    label: bus stop

    DAVID ARTHUR BROWN was a runaway on the streets of Los Angeles at the age of 15. It was during this period that he began keeping a journal and writing poetry. At the age of 18 he wound up living in San Francisco, washing dishes at a local punk rock/gay restaurant to save up money to buy a saxophone. Through much effort and low budget travel (India, South America, Europe and the Far East) he was able to hone his skills to a level that landed him gigs with the likes of Beck, Siouxsie Sioux and Ben Lee. In 1997 while on tour with Beck, David got the idea to form Brazzaville. He bought a little guitar on a trip through Barcelona and in the wee hours of touring began writing the songs that would become the first Brazzaville record. 21st Century Girl is their seventh full length release. NEW YORK TIMES: “Think of Brazzaville as vagabond pop for fans of Morphine, Tom Waits, Spain, Leonard Cohen and Tindersticks.” NEW YORKER: “Brazzaville crafts sophisticated pop where languid bossa-nova-influenced rhythms and gritty lyrics conjure dark deeds on steamy dead-end streets.”

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