• michael deacon Runnin' In the Meadow (CD, £7.95)

    label: Bella Terra

    Folky singer-songwriter obscurity. You'll hear a little light rock, a little blues, a little pop and a little jazz. "Yahoo!" is truly a song that defies description. It moves, it lifts, it raises your spirit like no other popular song has ever done. There are 11 other offerings total, and better yet, each one of them has that unmistakable Michael Deacon touch that makes a song like "Yahoo!" so endearing; and the vocal quality, musical tightness, lyrical lilt - it's there throughout this masterpiece. Enjoy this lovely album at face value. Then look just below the surface - you may be surprised at what you find. First release on CD, paper sleeve, 24-bit re-master (2008) + 4 bonus tracks. Extensive liner notes.

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