• rubble vol. 4: the 49 minute technicolour dream  (numbered 180g vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: fallout

    Following the incredible success of the CD verison of this amazing collection (the 10CD box set of Volumes 1-10 is already sold out), it seemed that a vinyl version just had to follow. And so its proved. Starting this summer, all 20 volumes will be released as numbered, limited edition on 180g vinyl, featuring the newly-updated band bios and colour pictures in the lavish gatefold sleeve. Unique full colour gatefold sleeve containing the original liner notes, band bios and rare photographs, 1000 copies only. Track Listing Side 1 1. Jason Crest/Black Mass 2. The Mirage/The Wedding Of Ramona Blair 3. Caleb Baby/Your Phrasing Is Bad 4. Kaleidoscope/Flight From Ashiya 5. The Cymbaline/Matrimonial Fears 6. Finders Keepers/On The Beach 7. The Californians/The Cooks Of Cake & Kindness Side 2 1. Rings & Things/Strange Things Are Happening 2. The Fox/Butterfly 3. Unit 4+2/3:30 4. Kaleidoscope/A Dream For Julie 5. Tempus Fugit/Come Alive 6. The Misunderstood/Golden Glass

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