• rubble vol. 5: the electric crayon set  (numbered 180g vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: fallout

    Track Listing Side 1 1. The Poets/Thats The Way Its Gotta Be 2. The Attack/Anymore Than I Do 3. The Flies/Im Not Your Stepping Stone 4. The Score/Please Please Me 5. Mark Four/Im Leaving 6. Fire/Fathers Name Is Dad 7. Gene Latter Mothers Little Helper Side 2 1. The Game/Gonna Get Me Someone 2. The Flies/House Of Love 3. Keith Shields/Hey Gyp 4. The Attack/Try It 5. The Poets/ I Love Her Still 6. Dream Police/Living Is Easy 7. The Fairytale/Run & Hide 8. Mark Four/ Hurt Me If You Will

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