• fresh b c Gold Dust (12" pic disc, £5.75)

    label: breakbeat kaos

    Ever wondered what would happen if drum íní bass collided with electro-house? Well hereís the answer; DJ Fresh is what would happen! Breakbeat Kaos pile on the pressure again as the label honcho steps up with yet another blazing release on his infamous imprint. íGold Dustí is a masterclass in how to make tough yet feel-good drum íní bass. Donít be fooled by the eerie intro for when the D Ramirez-style electro stab enters the fray, the lights come up and a warm summer glow oozes from the speakers. When the drop comes the rising riff is joined by a rather large kick and snare combo that sounds so crisp and is bound to get any floor shaking. Watch out for the surprise middle section too full of funked up vocal edits and gnarly bass. Turn the page and Fresh takes things a little deeper and darker with íThe Fieldí, harking back to the good old days with its rough and ready break and creeping bass. Fans of the vintage Bad Company sound should lap this up as the b-line twists and turns, leading us down a slippery slope thatíll have ravers marching the world over.

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