• dudley corporation Year of the Husband (CD, £10.95)

    label: Absolutely Kosher

    The Dudley Corporation are Mark, Joss and Dudley and boy, do they like to gestate! Almost 8 years of age, The Corpo can be classified as quite a large brat by now, and album #3 has been brewing for almost half their life span. Where the first two albums have a grand total of 9 days' studio time between them, sessions for this one began in December 2004 in Ireland with Rob Bochnik (The Frames/Smog) at the helm, and continued for a couple of years in studios from Belfast to France to the legendary Inner Ear (Fugazi) studios in Washington DC, interspersed with serious bouts of international touring. Happily, it's been time well spent, and the album improves on the previous LPs. What does it sound like? Al Green schmoozing Slayer, Jimmy Webb duetting with Rocket From The Crypt, the Minutemen ganging up on Fleetwood Mac. Who can really say: the descriptive terms needed to capture the bold new path this band have taken haven't even been invented yet! The album art has been provided by Rick Froberg, of Hot Snakes/Drive Like Jehu, a renowned US artist/rock legend who rarely lends his talents to record covers. Like his art, Year of the Husband sees the Corpo moving in more brutal and angular directions than before. Songs shift from frenzied onslaughts (The Lens Begin, Leave a Last Kiss) to melancholic lullabies (We Angled our Shadows, Fool), but this time out every song has been treated like it ought to be a single, and each one deserves to be a hit.

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