• plastique de reve Lost In the City (12", £8.25)

    label: Death from Abroad

    After several very successful releases on Gigolo Records and Tiga's Turbo label, Swiss producer Daze, A.K.A. Plastique De Réve, unleashes a 12-inch on Death From Abroad that has the potential to be a future classic. This time he leaves behind the dark, EBM-influenced attitude and goes deeper on one side of the record, while showing his fun-loving, tongue-in-cheek approach on the flip. Daze touches base with his Chi-House and Acid roots on the A-side, serving a true gem of deep Acid-House with "Lost in the City", featuring a captivating vocal performance by 18-year-old talent Ghostape. Even though the track at first listen seems to be relaxed, on the dancefloor it unveils its pure energy and effective dynamics. Sub-bass notes peek out from behind the extremely hooky main 303 sequence, and hi-hats placed with surgical precision give it an irresistible groove. When the vocals and strings kick in, it transcends instant floor filler to becom ea classic pop song. "Resist", on the B-side, toys with ghetto-tech clichés, delivering a steamroller-like groove at 138 BPM able to get any peak time dancefloor to ecstatic heights. Featuring wacky cheering routines by The Radical Cheerleaders, a group of anti-globalization girls who tour stadiums in the US and Canada, the track is nonstop fireworks of galloping bass, brass samples, twisted acid and euphoric vocal tracks.

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