• ant trip ceremony 24 Hours (CD, £10.95)

    label: Cicadelic Records

    While the legendary status of Ant Trip Ceremony has caused it to be bootlegged numerous times this is the first time it is being re-released legitimately, with photos and the story of the group as related by its members. The Ant Trip Ceremony album was recorded during two sessions, the first in February of 1968 in a rented hall at Oberlin. Steve was there for the first but had left Oberlin by the spring of 1968 and was not present for the second recording session. The album was called "Twenty Four Hours" because that was the feeling behind the sessions. The band felt ready to record their original songs. These were performed live before student audiences. During live shows, the band was wild, but sadly no live tapes exist. Thus the original songs done on the album when performed live were more psychedelic and improvised. The band was known for getting into strange and long jams. Furthermore no song was ever done twice exactly the same. They were in some ways like the Grateful Dead of the region. When the band played it was a happening, a genuine psychedelic event. Shows went on for hours, with the audience in a wide variety of states of consciousness. The artwork for the album was of its time with psychedelic-mind-zapping art work. It was without a doubt a counterculture statement! Musically the whole album has a strong west-coast feel, and influences of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver but also Hendrix are felt troughout the album. A classic psychedelic album.

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