• cats in paris Courtcase 2000 (CD, £3.65)

    label: akoustik anarkhy

    Manchesterís Cats In Paris are currently one of the most hotly-tipped new U.K. bands. Clearly the quartet of giddy oddball city dwellers that make this experimental pop music, wear their influences brightly on their flea collars. Spiritually suggesting a less mathematical and more upbeat version of Washington ís Apes or a cuter Deerhoof or by association, maybe the violin marinated pop of Patrick Wolf. Texturally, in places the listener is reminded of the filigree detail found in Godspeed You Black Emperor records, or perhaps the more exuberant moments of Broken Social Scene. Whatever your verdict Cats in Paris are certainly twisting more than a few discerning ears and are surely spearheading the melodic noise scene currently keeping things interesting in Manchester. Tracklisting - 1.lovelovelovelovelove 2.foxes 3.cold products 4.castle walls 5.button (part one) 6.flamethrowers 7.goojfc 8.the curse of jonah brian 9.button (part two) 10.loose tooth tactile 11.(how to) harvest yourself

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