• laura Yes Maybe No (mini-CD, £8.50)

    label: Elevation

    Laura are an amazing 6 piece collective/band from Melbourne, Australia who create noise and beauty unlike anyone else out there today. They definitely have sipped from the same cup as their older brethren the Dirty Three, but yet also go way beyond that in their peaks, valleys and fury while incorporating so much more than the post rock blueprint. Yes Maybe No is the culmination of the band's evolutionary path to this point that has seen them release a very strong first album in '05 followed by a stunning second record in "Radio Swan is Down" in early '07 which also gave us the live record "(Re)capitulate". This record incorporates everything about the band that makes them heavy, passionate and absolutely beautiful. There are spots on the record where the music takes you in very different directions than you would expect. The band entered the studio in April with outlines and certain structures loosely mapped out but it really took shape in the studio to the point the EP started to grow almost into album length. The material was really leading the way so everyone just let the music direct them and Yes Maybe No is the result. Laura are quite simply one of the most passionate, powerful, melodic and unique bands out there today. They take their intensity and meld it with some of the best in what the post rock world has to offer and yet create something that is wholly their own. It's deep, dark, powerful and almost magical in its beauty.

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