• megafuckers Jet Lag / Escalation (7", £4.95)

    label: Deleted Art

    Megafuckers consist of many older males that wish to relive their unbridled youths. They used to be punk back when it meant something. Now they install drywall for a living. They like the simple things in life; pizza, television, beer, pizza, beans, pizza and physical abuse. They used to be in bands like Landed, the Pope, Jews and a bunch of other shit that used to be cool. Now, they´re just your neighbour´s dad ripping heavy riffs in the garage with his buddies. Megafuckers play insanely loud and frighteningly loud music that is loud and frightening. If you like anything that any of them have done in the past, you will enjoy this even more. Sounds somewhat like the... well... all of the bands these dudes have been in.

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