• melodium Cerebro Spin (CD, £11.95)

    label: audio dregs recordings

    Melodium speaks; there starts a romantically slow game of pong between the hemispheres of brain. The sound speeds. I listen, and there is harmony now between the players, and reluctance towards competition. They play on. Melodically, Melodium speaks. Faster, onward towards the polyrhythmic rally! All praise repetitive motion, be stilling thus Zen. The tones of play fashion an energetic path, a melodic relation of right and left. Only when Melodium pauses for a breath do I remember moments can be filled with splitting silence; that I am here and this is somewhere other then the pong game of my mind. Keep speaking. Melodium is the moniker of Laurent Girard, a rather prolific electronic musician from Nantes, France with an obsession for melodies. Weaving bits of guitar, piano, synthesizer, flute or bits of voice and texture to create patterns in sound and small personal soundtracks that are at once sombre, while retaining a feeling of sunny optimism. Golden waves of sound with rough hewn edges that sound both dreamy and melancholic and simultaneously warm and shiny.

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