• lineland Logos for Love (CD, £11.95)

    label: audio dregs recordings

    Logos for Love presents a variety of acoustic instrumentation pressed into each other with modern blips and squiggles like a structure of so much brightly coloured modelling clay with an illuminated jewelled interior, embracing the ancient rhythms and language over the impeding future. Malcolm Felder creates streamlined, discretely layered electronic music informed by a taste for left field pop ranging from Bruce Haack to Bollywood, Hüsker Dü to George Jones. After moving to Queens in 1998, he began composing as Lineland, borrowing the name of a one-dimensional realm described in Flatland, the Victorian sci-fi novel by Edwin A. Abbott. Initial four-track Casio recordings grew into the album Pavilion over a three-year period, during which Felder expanded the material using music software on the home-built Dynavox 2000 computer and a growing array of vintage keyboards and novelty instruments. Songs have appeared on a few compilations and in several short independent films, including Back and Forthby James and Jeff Israel.

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