• bela emerson Hespera (CD, £12.50)

    label: bip_hop

    Bela Emerson is a pioneering electric cellist who performs passionate, evocative and completely improvised solo pieces using live processing. Her music harnesses many different genres whilst creating noiseworlds which are all her own. Bela’s performances are the stuff of legend: spontaneous, intense and exhilarating. She builds layers of rhythm and sound from every part of her instrument: sounds are looped, take on lives of their own, bounce off each other... the effect, as anyone who’s heard her will testify, is mesmeric. Bela emerges from the DIY arena with ‘Hespera’, her fourth solo release, but the first to comprise self-contained studio tracks of seven minutes and under, recorded by Kris Weston (aka Thrash) & Grantby. “Excellent: layers of gorgeous, mesmerizing, rumbling hooks.” - Mark Russell, Mixing It, BBC Radio 3… “Bela and her cello exude the intimate intensity of two lovers utterly at ease with each other.” - Jon Seagrave, The Sound Projector.

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