• raf & ill logic Complex Identities / Darkness At Noon (12", £1.75)

    label: bingo beats

    On 27/10 / 2008 Zincís celebrated Drum and Bass imprint Bingo Beats, releases íComplex Identities / Darkness At Nooní the inital single taken from Raf + Ill Logicís forthcoming debut album íDarkness At Nooní. Note that the vinyl LP will be released minus this disc, but with room enough to accommodate it, encouraging collectors to complete the full set of 5 discs. íComplex Identitiesí, which is backed with íDarkness At Nooní, eschew drill-and-bass for an altogether more liquid experience, conjuring imagery of the entitled tracks in the listeners eye. The beauty of these tracks is that whilst there is a wealth of enjoyment to be derived at home or on your iPod from the lovingly crafted bass-lines, scuttling hi-hats and intricately layered textures; a strong duality exists in the altogether more carnal immediacy of the tunes which come alive on the dancefloor. Itís this rare balance which caught Zincís ear. As one of the worlds most respected DJís he has been able to road test their productions to crowds across the globe and the results mirrored his own excitement at hearing the duo. So after the huge acclaim and success of Bingoís last artist LP release (Jenna Gís íFor Lost Friendsí), it is Raf & Ill Logicís liquid production which carve the next tributary of Bingoís journey through "Drum & Bass" in the loosest, most diverse sense of the term. This is the two track introduction to something rare, something special. Behold "Darkness At Noon".

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