• 3db Baader (12", £4.95)

    label: functional

    This may be the first time you have heard of ’3DB’ but you will heard music the musicans that are ’3DB’ have made. The two guys behind the project are Danny Briottet (Renagade Soundwave) and Dan Donovan (Big Audio Dynamite). With ’Baader’ their first release on Functional they have produced a dub fueled breaks track that pulls on all thier influances and experience. Danny Briottet was a founder member of ’Renagade Soundwave’ Debuting on the Rhythm King label with the "Kray Twins" single, their early records mixed together the sound of the then embryonic dance scene, east-end hip-hop, dub and electro-industrial noise. Later singles such as "Biting my Nails" and "The Phantom" became early dance-floor classics, with "Probably a Robbery" eventually reaching number 38 in the UK singles chart in 1990. Dan Donovan was a member of ’Big Audio Dynamite’ Following a brief stint in 1990 with the The Sisters of Mercy he became a founding member of Dreadzone. With the longstanding connections with both Danny and Dan it seemed only right that thier old mates Dreadzone should provide a mix for the flipside. The South London Dreadz have turned in an even more more dub filled monster with some thing to keep breaks and Dubstep fans happy. Heavy Tunes....

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