• elite barbarian It's Only When You Get to the End That It All Makes Sense (CD + embroidered patch, £8.95)

    label: Front and Follow

    Elite Barbarian is the solo work of Benjamin Page. Moving between static moods and beat-waves, from reflective abstraction to moments of searing intensity, this record is the result of improvisations using hardware synths and samplers. Ben is one half of Rocket Number 9 with his brother Tom and their innovative improvised sets have been making an impact on the London scene since they formed in March 2006. He is also a member of Rothko. Ben previously released a solo album "Drawn to Light", recorded as Maps of the Heart, in January 2006. "Elite Barbarian’s debut album is too good… an awesome album. I give it 8.7/10." – Rob Booth, Electronic Explorations. "One of the strongest electronic beep records you will ever hear…" – Diskant. "The execution is just seamless, full of skilful transitions and unexpected blends." – Rottenmeats.

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