• pq Louise On Earth / Countdown to Elise (7", £5.50)

    label: expanding

    The first 7 on Expanding in over three years opens a new series of limited edition custom-sleeved singles from the renowned non-vocal electronic music label, and also marks something of a departure from the past in that it features a vocal track and was made with (almost all) acoustic instruments. pq are Samir Bekaert and Maarten Vanderwalle, who hail from Bruges in Belgium, but apparently youll never find then there. Vocals are by 14 year old Louise Raes, and the a-side track which bears her name is a preview to pqs full length 2009 CD. In their own words; pq represent a hybrid electronic/acoustic affair, integrating mellow-to-crispy beats, various string material and crunchy insects of all sorts. Thriving on influences ranging from late nineties post-rock to leftfield/IDM/indietronic pastiche, they propose to canalize the all-reigning, all-consuming contemporary eclecticism in an effort to reinstall the inner health.

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