• dim dim Whip (CD, £13.25)

    label: audio dregs recordings

    Dim Dim is back with its sixth full-length album and an obsession for all forms of sonic pop culture. Tossing fistfuls of guitar, ukulele, programmed beats, twisted synth and toy instruments into a blender, Dim Dim hits "liquefy” and surfs the sonic mixture as it spills across his musical universe. Deconstructing all things known and leaving a trail of brightly coloured debris, Dim Dim has turned his back on the norm and rip-shredded a Technicolored path to a genre unknown... and we have Whip! As Dim Dim, the Belgian producer, Jerry Dimmer started releasing albums in the '90s, producing tracks in his home-studio cave, though he began a career as illustrator, working mainly for comic books following study at St. Lukas and Les Beaux Arts. He published several books in Belgium then moved to Paris where his work was picked up by the main comic publishers of the time: Heavy Metal, Albin Michel, Glénat, Dargaud. A few years later he left France for Portugal, where he made watercolours and had several exhibitions in Lisbon, Paris and Brussels. In more recent times he has done everything from producing songs for European pop bands and crafting minor dance floor hits in Ibiza to illustrating children's books and creating music for video games. He has also created his own style of abstract "Pictoplastic" paintings, which have appeared on previous album covers (excluding “Whip”, which was done by Belgiun illustrator Oréli). Being a colourful visionary it comes as no surprise that Crayola would feature a Dim Dim song in ads representative of their own colourful vision, and no surprise at all that his bright musical vision has attracted its own cult-like following, especially in the U.S. and Japan.

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