• minotaur shock Amateur Dramatics (CD, £13.25)

    label: audio dregs recordings

    From Bristol, Minotaur Shock is the musical side of David Edwards. There are currently 3 albums by him available, a compilation of old hits and some EPs out there, but this is his first Stateside release now available on Compact Disc! How cool is that? “I’d describe Amateur Dramatics as school band meets Italo meets chamber music rubbing up on electro with a slice of acid, a sprinkling of minimalism and a short attention span. It's got saxophones, violins, clarinets and the insides of my grandma's mini-piano on it. It was influenced by many things, notably Fleetwood Mac, Detroit techno, Frank Zappa, Cluster, Andrew Poppy, Bowie, Italo house, Glass/Reich, Gentle Giant and Todd Rundgren. It was all written, arranged, recorded and produced by me mostly at home (occasionally in other people’s houses). All instruments were done by me except clarinet, flute and saxophone which were played by the wonderful Emily Wakefield, and violin which was played by the excellent James Underwood of the Iskra String Quartet. Anna-Lynne Williams of Lotte Kestner provided vocals for ‘This Plane Is Going To Fall’.” - David Edwards, June 2008

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