• bubble project The Technicolor Dream Machine (CD, £10.95)

    label: Distraction

    Sunderland based pop scientists The Bubble Project play a subtle blend of surf rock, electro pop and pure noise, delivered with a splash of punk attitude. An amalgam of genres, styles and ideas, mutated together to create almost fable like tales of love and hope featuring beautiful female scientists and love born in outer space, alongside a colourful cast of characters including Mr X, Magic Dan and VIXILLIAN CLAUF. Referred to as ‘retro futurists’ due to their lo-fi, noisy, raw and under produced (sometimes mono) recordings, yet embracing technology in an abundance of samples, synths and electronic gadgets intended for children. Mixing elements of garage surf, '80s stadium rock, ‘Boces’-era Mercury Rev noise pop and the plastic sounds of The Buggles, The Bubble Project have created an album that would act as the perfect soundtrack to the comics of American artist James Kochalka or Ed Wood's version of The Wizard of Oz. The Bubble philosophy is simple; turn it up and distort it, but make sure it has melody. "Why does nobody play kick ass surf music anymore? These lunatics do. Love them for it." - NME. "If people surf in the future, they will undoubtedly do it to the soundtrack of this amazing band. Who needs stereo when you have mental space trash rock and roll this good?" - highvoltage.org.uk. "Ignore the seemingly nonchalant demeanour of the live show and you will uncover some of the most delightful stone-cold poptastic gems that you won't have heard from a North-East band since Paul joined Maximo Park." - NARC. "The Bubbles world is as optimistic as The Jetsons cartoon series and the future as bright as a lab coat, even if slightly twisted." - The Bunker. "Surf rock guitar riffs and brutal synth noises combine to produce a sound, which is clearly intent on pushing the boundaries of the conventional." - Get Rhythm. "Unusual and extremely talented, Beach Boys in space madness." - Gutter. Track-Listing: 1) ‘Saturn 5 DEATH SQUAD’2) ‘I Only Fall In Love With Scientists’3) ‘The Spectacle of Magic Dan’4) ‘Mr X and The Girl With No Face’5) ‘M.P.O.G’ 6) ‘Planet Thunderfuck’ 7) ‘Bring Back All My Smiles’ 8) 'VIXILLIAN CLAUF9) Oh!!! Her Joyous Brains 10) Will You Marry Me Astro Girl? Total Running Time = 38:50.

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