• d j rainbow ejaculation DJ Rainbow Ejaculation (LP, £11.50)

    label: Death$ucker Records

    DJ Rainbow Ejaculation is an alias of Australian experimental producer/cut-n-paste artist/trickster Guy Sterling, also responsible for such projects as Rank Sinatra and 777?. His DJ Rainbow Ejaculation persona focuses on the cutting and mangling of hardcore mainstays into the best gay pride anthems aroundÖ Also check out the full colour artwork by Sish-Tick! Tracklisting: A1. Hot Schlong Intro A2. At Numerous Discos On Any Given Night A3. HotCockFromAcid (DJ Anal Errection Baltimore Breaks Remix) A4. In The Forrest Of Perfect Penis A5. Ainít Workin This Summer A6. Midi Chin Chin A7. Gabbagititintaya A8. Hanginí Low A9. Rough Trade A10. Local Beat Action B1. Feel Good Beard Cut Up B2. Ronald McShitmatís Two Room Circus B3. Billy Bob B4. Sometimes When Iím Raving I Dunno If Iím Comin Or Goin B5. Oxford St. Dentist B6. Allmygaysarefriendsodetotheblueoysterrainbow (Maladroit Remix) B7. Homanjae2 B8. Aninal Fantasy Cut Up B9. Arsehole Rainbow B10. Gay Pride Outro

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