• tillmanns A Careless Lifestyle (CD, £10.95)

    label: Fraction Discs

    After two 7” singles it’s finally time for the Göteborg duo Tillmanns'­ first album, and “A Careless Lifestyle“ is a much longed-for debut CD if you have missed the sound of winding, ethereal guitars and sweeping, synthetic layers over minimalistic beats. The sound is well-known from a golden era when labels such as Sarah Records­ and Factory spread little grains of gold like The Wake, New Order, The Durutti Column, Stockholm Monsters and The Field Mice. But, there’s another thread that through the North Sea connects Northern Britain with Sweden's West Coast: the eternal lashing of rain at bus stops, on windscreens and window-ledges. And the light after the rain: the shimmering, but with a darker undertone. The art of balancing those contrasts - maybe this is what seizes us and sends us into a soft hypnosis, that actually can make us long for the autumn to burst into splendid colours: yellow, orange, red... 1. Heavy Rotation 2. Background 3. Hypnosis 4. Cold Hands 5. Instrumental 6. Opening 7. New Place 8. Here's A Hit With Them In Mind 9. Twist 10. Time

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