• liechtenstein Apathy (7", £5.50)

    label: Fraction Discs

    Included is a code that allows you to download the songs in mp3 format. After 2007's debut success with “Stalking Skills” - and frequent gigging around in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom - Liechtenstein is finally back with a new 7” single! The title track “Apathy”, which offers a contemplation of an alternative reality, is built upon plenty of beautifully arranged vocal harmonies and proves once again that between a sweet sounding pop song and protest emerges a sparkling assembly. On the flipside you’ll find the dynamic and stirring “Security By Design” where Liechtenstein this time has brightened the sound with a slightly Mexican sounding trumpet, almost like it was cut out from a Californian masterpiece anno 1968. A. Apathy B. Security By Design

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