• audience Dancers and Architects (CD, £12.95)

    label: Hazelwood

    From the fertile artistic and musical community of Hersbruck, like The Robocop Kraus, The Plane Is On Fire, Yucca or Hidalgo, never before has a Hazelwood band caused such a stir as The Audience. Shows with bands such as The Wombats, And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead and Blood Red Shoes, and many European festival appearances have made up the estimated 200 concerts the band played in sixteen months. Five young gentlemen - prog keyboardist, a high flying singer with a hefty splash of Robert Plant meets Joe Cocker, a guitar master like a blonde Pete Townshend on "Live at Leeds" and a drummer that can definitely down as many White Russians as Keith Moon. But The Audience is anything but a retro band: THE AUDIENCE unleash a potpourri of rock, punk, garage and new wave fragments wrapped up in an overcoat of warming psychedelics.

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