• h.d.q. Sinking (double LP + CD, £15.95)

    label: boss tuneage

    HDQ were one of the most influential and important UK Hardcore punk bands of the late 80s. Hailing from Sunderland the band were one of the first UK bands to openly embrace the US hardcore scene and members of the band went on to form the legends that are LEATHERFACE. Boss Tuneage now starts its double album re-release of the HDQ reissue trilogy, in memory of the late great Dickie Hammond, guitarist of the band (and many more) 24 tracks, clocking in at nearly 80 minutes, and compiles the bands original “Sinking” album from 1989 plus a second vinyl record of thirteen bonus tracks taken from demos and sessions, of which 11 have never been available on vinyl before!. All tracks have been digitally remastered and the vinyl comes complete not only with a CD of all tracks, but also a vast array of unseen photos and memorabilia from the bands personal collection and extended liner notes from bass player Rob Bewick.  First part of Boss Tuneage’s HDQ discography trilogy now re-released as a series of double vinyl LPs!  Features 24 tracks, including the band's 1989 album plus thirteen additional demo and session tracks  75% of the HDQ line up later appeared in the original line up of LEATHERFACE, and members of HDQ have also appeared in bands as diverse as THE JONES, DR BISON, STOKOE, SOFAHEAD, RUGRAT, SPITTING VICARS, ANGELIC UPSTARTS and TOY DOLLS amongst many more!  Re-released as a tribute to the late great Dickie Hammond  Vinyl contains a CD of all 24 tracks and 24x12 insert with liner notes, photos etc.  TRACKLIST A1 LEAVING HOME A2 ALL WE KNEW A3 THERE COMES A TIME A4 TOWING THE LINE A5 PRAISE A6 WITHIN THESE FOUR WALLS A7 PICTURES B1 IF ONLY B2 SINKING B3 ONE WORD B4 REDNECK RAP B5 FRIENDS B6 LOOKING BACK B7 THE GRASS IS GREENER C1 LOVE ALONE C2 THROUGH MY EYES C3 THOSE REMEMBERED TIMES C4 BELIEVE C5 HAVE FAITH C6 POSITIVE ATTITUDE C7 REDNECK D1 I TRY D2 BRIDGES AND WALLS D3 LOVE ALONE D4 TOMBSTONES OF BLASPHEMY D5 WITHIN THESE FOUR WALLS D6 MY LIFE IS YOUR LIFE A1 - B7 : SINKING LP C1 : SINKING OUTTAKE FROM UNDERGROUND ROCKERS COMP LP C2 - C5: FIRST PEEL SESSION C6 - D6 : FROM "LIFE IS" DEMO CASSETTE COMP D2 : FROM SPLUERK COMPILATION

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