• crucified barbara 'Til Death Do Us Party (CD, £11.95)

    label: gmr

    Track listing: 1. Killer On His Knees 2. Pain & Pleasure 3. Sex Action 4. Creatures 5. Jennyfer 6. Dark Side 7. Can’t Handle Love 8. Blackened Bones 9. Danger Danger 10. Rats 11. Feels Like Death. The leading all female Hard Rock outfit Crucified Barbara are finally back with their follow up album to 2004’s ‘In Distortion We Trust’. Crucified Barbara have been described by Geoff Barton at Classic Rock as "like Motorhead gorging with The Runaways over a smorgasbord of greasy eggs, chips and beans, with a glass of bourbon with three sugars on the side” and this ferocious femme-fatale four piece from Stockholm have worked on their song writing to make TDDUP packed full of riffs, melodies and hook-filled choruses.

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