• symbiosis orchestra Live Journeys (CD, £12.95)

    label: Baskaru

    Symbiosis Orchestra blends everything together, fuses everything, takes down genre and aesthetic barriers to achieve a state of perfect symbiosis of electronic and acoustic music, computer-based and natural processes, composition and improvisation, beat and pulse, melody and texture, not to forget sound and image. Created in 2005 by Italian sound artist Andrea Gabriele (Pirandèlo, Mou, Lips!) for a festival in Pescara, this size-shifting mixed-media ensemble has been carrying on with its journey in live performance settings enhanced by Claudio Sinatti’s stage designs and visuals. If that particular dimension of the project is conspicuously absent from "Live Journeys", the project’s first full-length release, the cinematic universe of the group’s music gloriously unfolds. "Live Journeys" offers a selection of live moments taken from various performances and featuring several permutations of the ensemble in trio, quartet and quintet form. Gabriele (keyboards, computer, guitar & bass) is surrounded by an all-star line-up of sound designers and performers. From the electronic scene, there is Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), Mario Masullo (Defrag and DSP Recordings labels) and Iris Garrelfs, whose treated voice provides a bridge toward the realm of acoustic sounds, here represented by vibes player Stefano Tedesco (Strings of Consciousness), jazz flautist Geoff Warren and instrumentalists Diego Conti (violin), Roberto di Egidio (trumpet) and Michele Scurti (piano). Despite the highly developed artistic process behind "Live Journeys", the music is surprisingly easy to listen to.

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