• caroline peyton Mock Up (CD, £7.50)

    label: Asterisk

    "Three years after we took on the private press with our Ladies From The Canyon compilation, Numero returns to Mitchellite #1 Caroline Peyton for a more thorough look. After nearly two days camped out at Goldmine Records in Gulfport, MS, we were finally ready to tally up and split when a crudely drawn yellow LP jacket peeked out at us from behind the counter. Five dollars lighter, we drove home. Upon arrival, a quiet kind of research took over, including forays into her voice over work for Disney films and a weird Celtic CD she recorded in the 1990s. The LP made it into regular rotation, and eventually we licensed Engram for a compilation. With her two 70s BRBQ albums having been reissued in Japan in the mid-90s, the subject seemed closed. File 'em and forget 'em." Issued in 1972, the ten-song album has been expanded to fourteen, including her three vocal cuts on the Screaming Gypsy Bandits In The Eye LP. Dug up in the process was a live performance at the Hummingbird Café in 1972 captured on film, which has been added as enhanced content on the CD. In addition to scores of unpublished photos, the booklet is jammed full of Ed Hurt's detailed liner notes that document not only the making of Mock Up, but also the Bloomington, Indiana scene of the 1970s.

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